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Groningen is the economic, social and cultural center of northern Netherlands. It is a vibrant city whose character, rhythm and life style are much defined by the two large universities - the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, which jointly host about 50 000 students or a quarter of the city's population. Groningen boasts with the youngest population in the country so get ready for a blast of youthful energy expressed in a myriad of social and cultural events, and a fantastic diversity of restaurants, bars, cafes and nightlife venues.Groningen has something for everybody and the province maintains an excellent comprehensive website (available in English), where you can find information about accommodation, dining, sightseeing, shopping, cultural and outdoor activities in Groningen and the surrounding areas.

This page provides a summary of essential tips that can help make your stay in Groningen easy, smooth and enjoyable.

Where to rent a bike

Netherlands in famous around the world as a country of tall people riding bicycles. At first glance, this is exactly what you will see. But there is so much more. And to explore it all, you need to get on a bike. Start pedalling to truly discover the beauty of the countryside, connect with the Dutch and get from point A to point B in the quickest possible way. Within the Netherlands, Groningen boasts with the highest density of bicyces and the highest number of bike rides per capita. Most of the journeys in the city are done on a bike. The city itself was planned and constructed to be as bicycle friendly as possible, which explains why it got labeled "the bicycle capital of the world". In a nutshell, if you are in Groningen you cannot leave before hopping on a bike. So here is how you can easily rent one. The best way to rent a bike is to visit the OV-bicycle rental shop located right next to the central railway station. The rates are very affordable starting at 7.5 euros per day. You will need to leave a cash deposit before renting a bike.

OV Bycicle Rental Shop

Stationweg 13
9726 AC Groningen
Tel: +31 50 31 24 174

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Shopping in Groningen

Keep in mind that just like in most places in Western Europe, stores in Groningen close daily at 6pm. The website of the Groningen Tourism Office lists all details about shopping hours in the city.

Useful telephone numbers

This is a list of some of the important telephone numbers that you may need while visit Groningen and the Netherlands

Emergency police, ambulence and fire: 112
Police number for non-emergency cases: 0900 8844
Lost property at Schiphol Airport: 0900 0141
General Questions Schiphol Airport: 0900 7244 7465
Lost and Found for the NS (Dutch Railway System): 0900 321 2100
Medical issues (UMCG Hospital, Groningen): +31 50 361 6161

Taxies in Groningen

There is a large range of taxi companies who operate in Groningen and the area. Here is the contact information for just a few of them

Taxi BoB: +31 50 579 2077
Taxi Direct Groningen: +31 50 577 7703
Taxi Xitax: +31 50 850 7283

Tourist Information Office

Tourist information offices in the Netherlands are marked with a VVV sign. The contact details for the VVV in Groningen are listed below

VVV in Groningen

Tourist Information Office

Grote Markt 29
9712 HS Groningen
Tel.: +31 (0) 50 313 9741
Fax: +31 (0) 50 311 38 55