Social Program

Our keynote speaker Thanu Padmanabhan has kindly agreed to give a public talk in the evening of the first day of the conference. The lecture is open to the general public. Participants of the conference have free access to the lecture (please, show your conference badge at the entrance).

  • Cosmic History and Mysteries

    Thanu Padmanabhan, Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics in Pune, India

    Tuesday, 3 July

    The spectacular progress in observational cosmology in the last few decades has helped us to understand the history of our universe, for a period spanning a fraction of a second to billions of years. These observations have also shown that the current accelerated expansion of the universe demands the existence of yet another fundamental constant of nature, called the cosmological constant. Understanding the origin of the cosmological constant is considered to be the greatest challenge in theoretical physics today. Prof. Padmanabhan will describe its features and a possible way forward towards a better understanding of our cosmos.